SamSam Ransomware Attacks Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

SamSam ransomware making a comeback The Colorado Department of Transportation has shut down over 2,000 computers after systems have been infected with the SamSam ransomware on Wednesday, February 21. The malicious group demanded an undisclosed amount of bitcoin from CDOT to have their files back. The State’s Office of Information Technology, which reached out to[…]

Windward Networks is partnering up with Malwarebytes to combat Exploit Kits!

Exploit Kits are on the rise, once again. These booby traps on seemingly harmless websites will redirect you to a “landing page” where malicious software awaits. Thanks to the efforts of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, our users will be protected against devastating malicious software.  See how your networks can be protected against these network-crippling attacks in Malwarebytes’[…]

CryptoWall 4.0 Released with New Features such as Encrypted File Names

CryptoWall 4.0 has been released that displays a redesigned ransom note, new filenames, and now encrypts a file’s name along with its data. We were alerted to this new variant by various members who have posted about being infected by what was being called the help_your_files ransomware.  Once we were able to analyze a sample, though, it was quickly[…]